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Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) was the most influential architect of the past several centuries; he designed villas and bridges in the Veneto countryside, buildings and theaters in Vicenza, and churches and convents in Venice.
A central figure of the Italian Renaissance, he understood how to unite ancient architecture - Greek and Roman -  to the constructive knowledge of the late Medieval period for the increasing requests for "modern" residences.

Palladio's fame and influence are not only due to the numerous buildings he erected, but also to his Quattro Libri, the treatise in which he illustrated both the rules of his architecture and many of his works. The presence in England (since 1614, when Inigo Jones brought them back from Vicenza) of a great number of his drawings, including projects that were never built, had a strong impact on architecture in Britain and northern Europe in general, as well as, later on, on that of America.